Stealth Tools has also branched out of conventional drilling, utilizing our existing experience and technology to create some innovated products for the workover and completions side of the industry. Our new and latest technology include:


Stealth Tools offer a complete line of mills that can be used in a variety of workover applications. Dressed with a traditional tungsten carbide hardfacing with large particle size to mill cement, bridge plugs, etc., we also offer a “Shrapnel Series” hardfacing which is a novel combination of crushed PDC particles, combined with the traditional tungsten carbide, to create a superior and longer lasting hardfacing to mill more efficiently. Either of these coatings can be applied to a variety of mills including but not exclusive to:

  • Burn shoes
  • Junk mills
  • Concave and Convex mills
  • Watermelon mills

Hydro-Mechanical Multi use perforating system:

Stealth Tools has an explosive free, heat free, mechanical perforating system that can replace conventional explosive or abrasive cutting perforating systems. The system offers several advantages over the traditional methods of perforating as follows:

  • Completely explosive free
  • Optimal cement flow dynamics
  • Super large, high speed, cross sectional cuts to maximize flow area
  • Ability to run without a scraper
  • Limitless cuts per run
  • Can have multiple tools run simultaneously

Hydraulic Stimulation System:

The hydraulic stimulation system is a highly efficient, hydraulically activated and deactivated stimulation system, designed to do multiple stimulations without the use of any mechanical operations. This system can be used without a liner and has true isolation integrity. The tool is operated on flow rate and can be used on both coil tubing, as well as jointed pipe. The system greatly reduces the time between stages and has been successful in doing 50 stages in less than four hours.

Are you getting worked over?

Stealth Tools Workover and Completions line is the solution. Click the link below to contact us for further information so that we can mill down your budget.