Stealth Tools focuses on reducing the personnel needed on site to streamline your operations when verifying and controlling the well deviation encountered while drilling. We have dedicated our tool line to offer man-less systems, to monitor both the Inclination and Azimuth of your well bores whilst drilling. Our options currently include:

Wildfire ‘Azimuth and Inclination’ System:

A very short 8’ tool houses a full MWD, battery operated, mud pulse system, which continually monitors the inclination and azimuth of the well bore to keep you as close to vertical as possible. The tool has extremely long battery life and can be run without any additional personnel than the existing rig crew. A fully automated colour display monitor, housed on the rig floor make surveys only a button touch away.

Is your directional system off track?

Stealth Tools Directional Drilling line is the solution. Click the link below to contact us for further information so that we can get you to your bullseye.