The Mud Watcher is a 'stand-alone' piece of equipment that monitors any Drilling Fluid including the following: Oil Based Mud (Oil Emulsion Mud), WBMs (Water Based Mud), Brines, Completion Fluids, Work-Over Fluids and 'Clean-Up' Fluids. See below for more information.

Mud Monitoring

Stealth Tools offers “The Mud Watcher”, a system that has been designed to transform and upgrade the measurement of mud weight and mud viscosity during drilling. It replaces the ‘batch testing’ of the mud balance and Marsh funnel, with continuous and real time readings for these critical mud properties. It has been specifically designed to be operated and serviced by the rig crew, and does not need a dedicated operator onsite. It is robust, simple to use and built from components with a proven track record of accuracy and reliability. Mud Weight is monitored continually and in units of choice e.g. PPG, SG, PPTF etc. If recalibration is required, this can be performed in seconds, onsite by the rig crew. Both the values of mud weight and mud viscosity are available as simultaneous signals for export to other rig locations as 4-20mAmp signals. These may include the Mud Logging unit, the driller’s console and/or the Company Man’s monitor. It can even be sent to remote locations i.e. a shore based control room. This also allows a permanent data record to be kept for a particular drilling programs.

Stuck in the mud?

Stealth Tools Mud Monitoring line is the solution. Click the link below to contact us for further information so that we can computerize your old methods.