Stealth Tools offer a full suite of downhole tools for every drilling purpose in vertical, directional and horizontal drilling applications. See below for more information on our vast arsenal of drilling tools available.

Drilling Tools

Stealth Tools offer a full suite of downhole tools for every drilling application in vertical, directional, and horizontal drilling applications. Our arsenal includes the following:

  • A full line of customized stabilizers specifically made to suit standard and/or custom drilling applications, including mini near bit, near bit and string spiral blade stabilizers.
  • Fixed reamer solutions in both near bit and string applications.
  • Stealth-model positive displacement mud motors, with various rotor/stator configurations and adjustable housings.
  • Hydra-mechanical drilling jars.
  • Variable weight adjustable shock tools.
  • DSI/PBL circulating subs for multiple drilling applications, as well as a range of workover operations.
  • The “Centerfire” axial vibration tool for directional and horizontal application, in both drilling and thru tubing applications.
  • “Optimax” Deepview well instrumentation that is a state of the art monitoring system to improve all aspects of the drilling performance and overall efficiency. Monitoring is done in real time and can be monitored remotely.

Tired of searching for the right tool?

Stealth Tools Drilling Tools product line is the solution. Click the link below to contact us for further information so that we can find your perfect solution.