Stealth Tools offer a complete line of drill bits to suit a vast variety of formations and/or drilling applications. We can offer the following products in sizes ranging from 2 3/8 inch in diameter, thru to 26 inches, utilizing the highest quality components and design technology.

PDC Bits

A drilling tool that uses Polycrystalline Diamond Compact (PDC) cutters to shear rock with a continuous scraping motion. These cutters are synthetic diamond discs measuring from 8mm – 21mm in Diameter and .060" - .090" in thickness. PDC bits are effective at drilling various formations, especially when used in combination with oil-base, and polymer based mud systems.

Our high-quality line of PDC drill bits, in both Steel Body and Matrix Body, are fine tuned to our customer’s needs and can be modified to diverse lithological and various drilling applications - including use on all rotary, mud motor and rotary steerable systems. Our PDC drill bits have been used in all Vertical, Directional, and Horizontal operations, with modifications to suit individual drilling applications where needed. Each design is computer analyzed to ensure maximum bit balancing, hydraulic cleaning, and cutter placement, to ensure maximum drilling efficiency.

Three Cone Bits

A drilling tool designed to crush and remove rock efficiently while incurring a minimal amount of wear on the cutting surfaces. As the drillstring is rotated, the bit cones roll along the bottom of the hole in a circle. As they roll, formation is removed by either a digging or crushing action. Hydraulic removal of the formation is accomplished utilizing interchangeable jet nozzles which send cuttings away from the cones and into the well annulus.

Our Three Cone product line includes non-sealed, sealed roller, and sealed journal bearings of the highest quality, and are made with the highest standards for both material and design. We offer both Milled Tooth, as well as Tungsten Carbide series cutting structures, to enable the drilling of any and all formations encountered.

Hybrid Bits

Our drill bit product line also includes a specialized design of hybrid drill/mill bits which merge the concept of PDC technology, with the utilization of more commercially priced Tungsten Carbide Insert technology, to offer a unique balance of longer bit life than Three Cone styles, yet with the drilling action and performance of PDC drill bits.

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