"Enter The Matrix" - New Line of Matrix PDC Bits

This product addition gives us a new dimension to our growing Stealth Tools arsenal of drill bits, giving us a complete line of our Stealth model PDC bits in a full Matrix option!

Stealth Tools is proud to now offer all of our existing Stealth PDC drill bit designs in a full Matrix body option, utilizing the high quality engineering design and manufacturing that our loyal and long-term clients have come to expect when using Stealth PDC products.

With price and performance both extremely competitive as compared to other manufacturers, our Stealth Matrix PDC designs are tailored to specific regional requirements, and we are very open to customizing our designs for any customer’s specific application and well design.

The Stealth Matrix PDC product line is a further compliment to our already impressive and extensive line of all size Three Cone mill tooth and TCI rock bits, PDC and Hybrid Drill Bit options, inventoried in our South Australian facility. Coupled with the ability to offer a full PDC refurbishment service in our local Keswick facility, the economy and quality of our Drill Bit selection is second to none.

Like all Stealth Tools’ products & services, the new line of Stealth Matrix PDC Drill Bits are another - Silent Force in Drilling. For more information, please contact us via our online contact form, call us on our Australian wide 1800 STEALTH number, or fire us an email - stealth@stealthtools.net