Stealth Tool Official Site Launch

Our Stealth Tools' staff would like to welcome you to our newly developed website. During the recent downturn in our industry, I personally felt the need to invest and move in more positive directions during this time, to show our company's total dedication to the upcoming future of our business, and to highlight the technical aspects within our company. Our first website was created in 2008 and since that time we have gone through many changes within the company, most significant, the separation from our previous partnership, and a complete consolidation under our well known Stealth Tools banner. This also included the 2014 grand opening of our new and dedicated manufacturing, and storage facility in Keswick - South Australia, complete with new offices and showroom.

During this time our growth had been on an upward ascent, and looked like continuing this way until the recent downturn hit, which negatively affected everyone in the industry. Some things we have not changed, nor have any plan to change, and these include our yearly Stealth Wine at Christmas (which has become an institution over the last 15 years), our yearly Superbowl extravaganza, our many sponsorships of SAOGA, PESA, RFDS, etc., and our creation of the weekly get together at the “Stealth Hangar”, our new relaxation and networking assembly point for work colleagues to spend some good downtime after a long week. The “Stealth Hangar” has also given the tremendous number of our colleagues, who have had a devastating time during this recent downturn, a common place to meet and have a good time in the company of their peers over a cold beverage, a game of pool or simply a good yarn.

During this time we have had to look at innovative new ways, in order to stay afloat while the long and hard recession in the business set itself in. I believe that when these bumps in the road occur, we must all come up with unique methods to diversify and strive to “think outside of the box”, in order to make it through these adverse times. Personally, I have always found this easier than most, as I have always “lived outside of the box” and I try to look only at these road bumps from above, as a Stealth plane would from high in the sky. Our mission has not strayed from the inception of the company, and remains on course to continue to provide the highest level of service, quality and dedication to our customers. Without their support, I would not be writing this today, and we do not have the words to describe our sincere thanks to you all. I hope that you may take time to look over our new website (which is now computer, tablet and phone friendly), and I trust that you will also offer us your critique, so that we can continue to evolve to even higher standards in our business with your help. Please make use of our contact forms, located in various areas of the website, to let us know your thoughts and ideas, and we look forward to any enquiries for our products and services that you may have. As always, we remain the “Silent Force in Drilling”, and I can assure you we will not disappear, now out from beneath the radar. This website gives proof to our stamina and dedication to our customers, and our ongoing business model, which we will maintain throughout this downturn and continue forward when the good times com back to our industry.

Yours Faithfully,