Stealth Record Setting "Three Blade Bullet"

Following an extremely successful drilling campaign, comprising many wells and thousands of metres, South Australia’s Beach Energy made the decision to retire the 8 1/2” Stealth SS036+ that had seen them reach TD on all wells utilized. With still many rotating hours remaining, the bit was returned for refurbishment where following an appraisal and cost effective repair estimate, the option to showcase it’s success instead was made by the in-house Drilling Engineers.

Stealth was more than happy to return the PDC bit in it’s original dull condition (2-2-CT-G-X-0-ER-TD), complete with a shiny new surface to brighten up it’s new lease on life as show piece in the Beach Energy lobby, and provided Beach Energy with a related plaque of appreciation for the long term support and utilization of our Stealth PDC product line, in particular the original three blade PDC, the SS036+.

The SS036+ PDC design now joins the rank of record setting drill bits also on display with other operators. With two chrome Stealth PDC drill bits living in the Senex Energy reception in Brisbane, and confirmation that our new Matrix design PDCs have recently set new records for the fastest deep Gas Wells in the Cooper Basin history. It seems those that get behind our proven product lines, set records.

Like all Stealth Tools’ products & services, the new line of Stealth Matrix PDC Drill Bits are another - Silent Force in Drilling. For more information, please contact us via our online contact form, call us on our Australian wide 1800 STEALTH number, or fire us an email -