2017 Super Bowl @ Stealth Tools Hangar

This month’s news will be a break from our normal product launches, new technology and Stealth Tools continuing growth. It is all about our yearly celebration of the LI, 51st, American Super Bowl and Stealth Tool's yearly Extravaganza to share with all our friends, clients, and competitors to enjoy one of the most watched and televised events in the world! I cannot actually remember how many years we have been celebrating this event, but I think it has been at least 12 and maybe even more. This was the third one held in our Stealth Hangar which resides in the mezzanine area of of our shop facility and was a great turnout with around 45 eager fans to enjoy one of the most exciting games ever held. I can’t say I was extremely pleased with the result as I was definitely backing the Atlanta Falcons for this one, but Tom Brady turned the team on in the final quarter to set almost every record possible in this one scraping the patriots through to a quick decisive overtime victory! What a finish and hope that next year another team, any team, can give us the same thrill as this year. We have a video of the events and can be viewed through this link.

We also included a fund raising effort for the RFDS, (Royal Flying Doctors Service) and will announce soon how much we were able to raise for this very important service provider to our Oil Industry.

I would like to thank the following for their participation in this event as follows;

  • Our esteemed guests for taking off a valuable day in the office or days off to attend and enjoy the event. Being a Monday it is difficult for many to attend and I will as always request the NFL to move the even to Saturday (USA time) so we can have the event on a Sunday. To date I have had no response!
  • OICS (Oilfield Industry Catering and Services) who most of the Australian Oilfield are familiar with as they have been housing and feeding the industry for over 20 years. They have once again outdone themselves with another fantastic job in providing us with the best American style food for the event for the past three years straight, including our famous or infamous frozen margarita machine.
  • Big Screen Video who kindly donated the use of an 5 meter screen video which the installed in our shop are of the facility to give the best viewing possible for the event. We would have been giving any venue in town a run for their money in regards to the quality of the game presentation.

I cannot thank everyone enough for their participation on the day and can only add one last comment; “We will see you next year”.

Remember, “There is no night or day, only wet or dry” and “Take no prisoners”

Until next year,

Jim Stobie

Managing Director of Stealth Tools, Pty. Ltd

President of SES, LLC

Call sign: KUKRI

Bit coin #: 001