2017 - The Year of True “Resilience” for Stealth Tools

The end of 2016 has finally arrived, and we can now move on to the hope of a great 2017 for our business’, and even better times for the world in general. Let’s reflect for a minute on 2016 and what Stealth Tools has been doing during these tough times in the oilfield business:

  • A full upgrade of our website was completed and we are very proud of the result. You can check the immediate Oil and Gas price changes up-to-date every time you open the page, so check it out at www.stealthtool.net
  • We have introduced our new Matrix body PDC bit line into our already impressive product arsenal and have successfully duplicated many of our successful Steel body design features into the new Matrix products.
  • We now have our new Azimuth and Inclination system, incorporating a full suite of “Wildfire” tools available in Australia, bringing the confidence of good success abroad into Australia and Southeast Asia when the rig count comes back, and the demand for this technology increases.
  • The “Centrefire” axial vibration tool is now being utilized in Australia, as well as being expanded across the pond to introduce it into the North American market also. We have already seen great results to date and are looking forward to the promising future for this tool.
  • We have continued to invest in our bit refurbishment facility, with the best and most sophisticated equipment in the industry, and continue to help our customer base save as much as possible by refurbishing and extending the life of used PDC bits, rather than always going through the high expense of new product purchases each and every time.
  • Our sponsorship of the Renmark SAOGA golf yearly championship, as the Platinum sponsor and main Stealth Tools Cup (outright champion), has continued and we participated in this fantastic tournament again this year as we have for the last 16. We also continued our sponsorship of the PESA / SPE / SANTOS golf tournament with another great day out shared with the professionals of our industry. Our sponsorship of the RFDS also continues and we plan to extend our support of this most worthy and lifesaving cause for many more years to come.
  • The last two things to share on our 2016 reflection list are the exciting release of our 15th vintage of the famous Stealth Shiraz, and this year is aptly named “Resilient”. Attached is our label for you to enjoy prior to a glass, and in just a few weeks we gear up for our annual Stealth Super Bowl party, which will be celebrated on February 6th 2017 with all of the zest and excitement of actually being in Houston! This event will proudly be held in the Stealth Hangar for the 3rd consecutive year and there simply is no better venue for this event if you can’t make the real thing!

So, now we look forward to 2017… 

We can already see all of the positive signs of the Oilfield business coming back, slowly at first and then at some point overwhelming all of us, but what has changed? From my first entrance into this business during the Arab Embargo in 1974/75, to every bust and boom scenario since, I have yet to see any changes in the reaction of Operators, Contractors or Suppliers when the bubble bursts. Overreaction all around, and the “Oops, we screwed up again” syndrome when it finally recovers with no one left to keep the businesses going. I am quite sure and hold high hopes that this will probably be my last one, but who knows. There is no night and day in this game, only wet and dry…

In any case, I am secure in confidence that my company is in very good hands with my right hand man Benn Cox, as my hard work, patience, and dedication to moving forward and growing through these tough times was only matched by his. Having shared in the lows, it may now be time to look forward to the highs. I would also like to thank all of my colleagues and suppliers who have been very supportive, and are also suffering as most of us are, and appreciate their trust and help during these troubled times.

Lastly, I cannot thank my customers enough for sticking by us through this period, and can only hope that we supported them in kind.

Sincere thanks to everyone. Let us hope for a great and prosperous 2017 for all!

Jim Stobie

Managing Director of Stealth Tools, Pty. Ltd

President of SES, LLC

Call sign: KUKRI

Bit coin #: 001