Another "Wildfire" Idea For Australia

Stealth Tools Pty. Ltd. is now proud to be the exclusive representative of the “Wildfire" Wireless MWD Survey Tool, offering both inclination and azimuth survey data in one tool, for a fraction of the cost of expensive full MWD systems.

"Wildfire" is a real-time MWD Survey Tool designed to improve unmanned monitoring of wellbore deviation and direction. It provides an intermediate solution between time consuming and inaccurate wire line survey tools and expensive MWD systems. The “Wildfire" MWD Survey System is logistically friendly and ships ready to run with a 12ft Non-Mag landing sub / Drill Collar. The entire system can be installed, initialized and operational in less than 30 minutes.

Based around a common telemetry platform with a large number of parts in common with traditional full MWD survey tool systems, the goal is to build a product that offers high levels of reliability and affordability with a design philosophy revolving around the minimization of features to simplify maintenance, operations and service.

The product is NOT a simplified MWD system. It has been custom designed from the ground up in order to fit a very specific marketplace - efficiently and effectively. The belief is that we have an exceptionally robust system that is designed to be affordable, flexible and simple to use, that provides the information our clients require but without the high expense normally incurred.

Like all Stealth Tools’ products & services, The “Wildfire" Azimuth and Inclination System literally is another - Silent Force in Drilling. For more information, please contact us via our online contact form, call us on our Australian wide 1800 STEALTH number, or fire us an email -