Newest Weapon – Axial Vibration Tool

Stealth Tools Pty. Ltd. is proud to introduce a brand new partnership with another exciting Australian owned and operated company in HPHT Drilling Tools. This collaboration of technical and marketing experience paths the way for a state of the art down-hole tool that produces a true axial vibration without a lateral vibration component – “The Centrefire”.

Purpose built for the harsh and challenging drilling environments encountered in difficult operations, “The Centrefire” improves directional drilling performance in motor steerable applications, through application of a controlled axial vibration to the BHA, as well as offering a vast range of additional benefits in a large array of applications throughout the drill string.

“The Centrefire” has the ability to provide a true axial vibration, which has proven to show reduced pressure drop, extended vibe signal propagation, reduced failure of complimentary tools such as MWDs, improved ROP in tortuous lateral drilling programs, and lower overall drilling costs.

Like most Stealth Tools’ products & services, The Centrefire literally is - The Silent Force in Drilling. For more information, please contact us via our online contact form, call us on our Australian wide 1800 STEALTH number, or fire us an email -