Stealth Tools New Product Line Alert

After over 5 years of flawless performance using our Wildfire Inclination and Azimuth Tool in the Australian Oil & Gas sector, we are now proud to announce our latest edition to the Stealth Tools fleet: The WildfirePRO, which is the full directional tool version.

The WildfirePRO is our most advanced MWD survey tool, designed to provide full tool face capabilities for monitoring wellbore deviation, kicking off from vertical, and steering capabilities in directional as well as horizontal applications. The tool works in perfect union with our complete line of high performance Mud Motors.  This tool has a run time of over 800+ hours and is available in multiple sizes from 5” to 8 ½”. The WilfirePRO is the most simplistic directional tool to use and has been tested and performed on multiple wells in the Cooper Basin earlier this year where it has excelled. 

Our WildfirePRO also offers the same principles as our Wildfire tool: 

-       Affordable 

-       Unmanned remote monitoring 

-       Highly accurate 

-       Fast build, maintenance and turnaround times

-       No more 30’ tool lengths, only a 12’ tool as well as shorter length Non-mag shielding

Email us for more information on this tool. 

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