A New Stealth Initiate / The Stealth Skelton Stillage

“Here at Stealth Tools, our clients value our initiative to react to certain industry trends. If its increasing certain shelf stock levels to cater for industry demand, or investing in new technologies to fill the specific requirements of the ever changing Australian drilling operations, our ability to act fast and efficiently is what keeps us “The Silent Force in Drilling”.

One trend that has flown under the radar for some time, is the unavoidable damage occurring to wooden crates traditionally used to move our premium and sensitive products around the country – with the high costs associated to repair or replace them, and the potential for damage to the equipment they contain, they seem to be a single use item that could be ‘handled’ better.

With the problem being the harsh road environments, long travel distances, and inability to oversee the load and unload of wooden crates outside our facility, what holds it all together between leaving the workshop carefully packaged and secure, to returning back to the workshop in one piece is one thing – Timber.

The problem is it’s not strong enough. The solution? Eliminate the timber and build an inhouse Stealth solution to better service one of the most important parts of the process; the delivery and return of the technology your operations require to arrive and return in the best condition possible.

Introducing the Stealth SS4500 and SS3270 Skeleton Stillages. The simplest and most effective way to transport goods around the harsh Australian terrain. Whether required to protect and move one of the many Stealth Tools products to your remote location, or if custom build items are required for your operations, feel free to contact us for further information on 1800-STEALTH or at stealth@stealthtools.net and have peace of mind that like our versatile, robust and high quality products, what keeps them safe as they move around Australia is just as reliable.